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  • What kind of maintenance do the garage door panels need?

    You should check them for damage. In case you have a steel door, you should watch out for rust. If you have a unit made from wood, you need to inspect it for signs of decay - darker spots which feel soft to touch. The panels should be cleaned at least once a year. Use cool water with liquid detergent and a soft sponge for cleaning steel panels and a damp cloth for cleaning wood ones. Regular repainting is essential.

  • Why does my garage door reverse right after closing?

    This issue occurs when the opener's close limit is not set correctly. The device works to lower the door further down than the floor level. As a result, the door hits the floor. The safety reversal mechanism is switched and the unit reverses. To fix the issue, you need to reset the close travel limit.

  • What's the meaning of controlling openers from afar?

    These new garage door opener devices will give you the chance to let someone in while you are far away or check whether the garage door is closed. The professionals of our contractor in Plainfield think it's a useful tool because you can also turn the lights in the garage on and off while you're away.

  • How safe is my sectional garage door?

    Sectional garage doors provide the ultimate security for your home or office. They are held strongly by the track system in the door frame and this prevents forced entry. However, the door needs to be teamed up with a quality door opener and then it becomes completely impenetrable. Experts of Garage Door Repair Plainfield also recommend using the correct spring system for your safety as it helps counterbalance the weight of the garage door.

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